What is the difference between an electrostatic sprayer and a traditional sprayer?

In the aftermath of the epidemic, there is an increased awareness of creating a clean and safe indoor air environment. To quickly and effectively achieve the main purpose of indoor air disinfection and sterilization, how to choose among disinfection equipment? What is the difference between an electrostatic sprayer and a traditional sprayer?


Traditional sterilizing sprayer

The main means of disinfecting, sanitizing, and other treatments is the spraying of disinfecting solutions placed in a variety of sanitizing instruments. Traditional disinfecting devices are commonly used, including small sprayers, manual sprayers, ultra-low volume sprayers, electric sprayers, aerosol cans, and foggers.
There are a few drawbacks commonly associated with these instruments:
1. High dosage of drugs.
2. Severe environmental pollution.
3. Inefficiency of work.
4. Labor intensity.
5. Uncertainty of treatment effect.

From the point of view on the requirements of scientific development, the traditional disinfection equipment can no longer adapt to the development direction and needs of disinfection. Therefore, the electrostatic sprayer came into existence.

Electrostatic sterilizing sprayer

An electrostatic sprayer is defined as a sprayer that produces a significant electrostatic ringing adsorption effect on the sprayed mist droplets. It works through a built-in electrostatic generator, and each mist particle sprayed is positively charged. Because of the repulsive effect between the same electric charge, the coverage is wider and the effect of spraying on the surface of the object is more uniform.
The advantages of electrostatic sprayers over traditional sanitizing sprayers are reflected in the following points:
1. Wide coverage and efficient sterilization
The built-in electrostatic device enables the sprayer to establish a suitable electrostatic field between the nozzle and the target. The nozzle sprays above the target, and the droplets not only drip on the front side of the target, but also on the back side with the hidden parts of the target are also strongly adsorbed.
2. Less pollution
The sprayed droplets are electrostatically charged and can be strongly attracted to the target near the nozzle. In addition, fog droplets are neither easily dispersed in the air nor flowed over the target in breezy conditions. That’s why it reduces pollution.
3. Cost-effective
When covering the same area, electrostatic spraying can save more than half of the chemical than traditional spraying, which means the least amount of chemical can be used to achieve the optimal sterilization effect. The electrostatic sprayer saves costs on chemicals, reduces drug residues, avoids over-medication and is more environmentally friendly.
4. Reduce energy consumption
Using lithium batteries as a power source makes it possible to greatly reduce energy consumption.
5. Easier operation
The net weight of the machine is reduced to half that of a traditional sprayer, making it easy to operate.
These characteristics result in a multipurpose electrostatic sprayer with better disinfection and higher drug utilization than traditional sterilizing instruments, which serves to improve quality and work efficiency, save medication, and reduce environmental pollution. What’s more, it can effectively solve the contradiction between the increasing workload of sterilizing and the requirement of high efficiency, fastness and environmental protection, and it is also applicable to other fields such as health care and agriculture and more.


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