Beauty instrument nozzle

Professional R & D and production of various beauty instrument nozzles, welcome to customize and purchase
Applicable liquid
Wide range of applications
Various toners: such as toners, essences, etc.
Suitable for most oily skin care products such as essential oils, sunscreen oils, etc., and heavy oils such as vegetable oils.
It is suitable for various DIY facial mask waters such as milk, red wine, fruits, vegetables, etc. The unclear water should be primary filtered before use to prevent slag stains from clogging the nozzle.
Suitable for all kinds of filtered water, tap water, purified water, etc.

Product development, attention to detail

Material environmental protection
The product is made of environmentally friendly plastic material, non-toxic and harmless plastic
Stainless steel material
High hardness stainless steel, anti-rust, high hardness, wear resistance

Spray speed: 5g/m
Spray performance: sprayed with 312~625 nanometer level atomization

*Size and performance can be customized
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