Denitration And Desulfurization Spray Lance Series

Spray Lance Character:
-Material: 303ss, 316ss, 310ss, Hastelloy;
-Spray Pattern: Full Cone, hollow cone, flat fan.
-Spray Angle: 20°,60°,90° (other angles are available upon request)
-Capacity: 2.0L to 80L/min;

CDE spray Lance design features:
-Application: dust removing, desulfurization and denitrification of power plant; other chemical plants; cement plant; dust control and environmental projects, etc.
-Use steam or air as the second fluid;
-Three-stage atomization can achieve the best atomization performance;
-High-efficiency design reduces the consumption of compressed air;
-With internal spiral nozzle for the second-stage atomization, the channel with large core diameter can effectively prevent clogging;
-Spray pattern: hollow cone, full cone, flat fan;
-Spray angle: 20°, 60°, 90° (Other degrees can also be provided if you require. );
-Flow rate: 2.0 — 80L / min;
-Material: 303SS, 316SS, 316L, 310SS, 2205, PVDF, Cobalt alloy 6, Hastelloy, etc. ( Other materials are also available as your requirement. )
CFM spray Lance design features:
-The strict control of droplet size and spray coverage allows this kind of nozzle to ideally modulate the fumes of gases in the furnace, cooling tower, flue, dryer, etc.
-Multi-stage atomization process produces extremely tiny droplets using as little air as possible.
-A single nozzle is capable of ejecting a larger flow of water, reducing the total number of nozzles required.
-Higher flow rate ensures stable air pressure.
-Material: 303SS, 316SS, 310SS, Hastelloy, etc.
-Large free and clear passage, more flexible requirements for water quality.
CSIM blade type nozzle design features:
-The average particle diameter is 50um at the spray amount of 17L/min and the air-water ratio of 150.
-Spray angle: 20°, 60°.
-Developed based on a new concept, with an excellent micronization ability.
-Low ratio of air and water, can produce large volume spray with less compressed air.
-Material: 303SS, 316SS, 310SS, Hastelloy, etc.
-Simple structure, easy for maintenance.
CSMM back end atomizing nozzle design features:
-Simple structure, non-clogging design, easy for maintenance.
-Uniform water distribution.
-Less air consumption.
-Wide spray coverage.
-Small average particle radius, small particle radius difference.
-Low air-water ratio produces fine particles, save air consumption.
-Long service life due to optimized design for gas-water mixing structure.
-Material: 303SS, 316SS, 310SS, Hastelloy, etc.
FIM micro mist spray nozzle design features:
-Spray pattern: full cone or flat fan.
-Less spray volume, the average particle size within 50um, the biggest particle size is 120um.
-Low air-water ratio, low flow rate.
-Advanced and mini design.
-Uniform distribution of particle size provides excellent superior guarantee for uniform evaporation and absorption of liquids.
-Material: 303SS, 316SS, 310SS, Hastelloy, etc.
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