Tank Cleaning Nozzle 360°

The nozzle rotates 360° around the horizontal and vertical axes, and a dense mesh is placed in the container to ensure that every corner of the container is thoroughly cleaned by a high-impact water flow.

Tank Cleaning Nozzle could clean large tank from 8 m to 40 m. With unique and precise rotating mechanism (rotating through 47 to 49.)

Model No.: 360-A. (it means it could rotate 360 degree.)

The Nozzle rotates 360 degree around the horizontal and vertical axes.

Pressure range: 1-21 bar, suggest to run it under 7-13 bar.

Flow rate range: 6-50 ton/h.

Cleaning time is from 5 min to 35 min.

Connection size: 1-1/2 to 2 inch flange or pipe thread (BSPT, NPT).

Detailed Parameters of 360-A Tank Cleaning Nozzle:

Processing customized: Yes

Material: 316L

Installation type: Male thread connection

Working temperature: 300℃

Working pressure: 3-14 bar

Medium: liquid

Range of application: Environmental protection, cleaning, purification, coating
Brief Description of the Drawing of 360-A Tank Cleaning Nozzle:

Figure1:  Schematic diagram of the decomposition structure of the 360-A bottle cleaning nozzle

Figure2: Schematic diagram of the external structure of the 360-A bottle cleaning nozzle

Working Principle of 360-A Tank Cleaning Nozzle:

The upper impeller (13) is mounted inside the connecting rod (17) and fixed with clamping spring. The lower impeller (16) is assembled with the shaft assembly (44) and locked.

After water enters the 360-A style bottle and tank from the pump, it generates swirling flow through the fixed upper impeller (13), enters the lower impeller (16), then enters the connecting rod (17), and then enters the Y-main body (22).

Through the X-body (6), the jet is ejected from the nozzle body (9), through the rotating water flow of the upper impeller (13) to drive the shaft feed (44) to rotate, and fixed gears are installed below the shaft assembly (44).

The gears of the shaft assembly (44) drive the gears of 40, 41, 45, 48 and 24, the inner gear (24) is fixed with the Y-body (22), which drives the Y-body (22) to rotate 360 degrees around the axis perpendicular to the ground;

In 360-A type of water inside the bottles from the two directions of the nozzle body (9) in spraying, rotating force duo to water flow in two directions, so that the X-ray (6) around the Y-subject (22) parallel to the surface of the shaft direction, X-(6) and Y-subject (22) is equipped with A bevel gear meshing, the X- (6) around the subject (22) transmission is more stable.

This 360-A type container has realized the two directions of the transmission, achieve 360 degrees cleaning.

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