Two-fluid High Temperature Stainless Steel Denitration Spray Lance

Features of CSM M series denitration and desulfurization spray lance:
The structure is simple, not easy to be blocked, and easy to maintain;
Even distribution of water volume;
Low air consumption;
Wide spray range;
The average particle radius is small, and the particle radius difference is small;
The lower air-to-water ratio enables the spray particles to reach a smaller particle size, saving air;
Due to the optimized structure of air-water mixing, all parts have less loss and have a long service life.

Material: Materials such as 303, 316 or 310 stainless steel can be used.
Another: Hastelloy material can be customized for special places.

Flow curve:
1. The spray volume (L/min) is the spray volume of a single nozzle;
2. The red line represents the compressed air pressure (bar);
3. The blue line represents the gas-liquid volume ratio;
4. The green line represents the liquid pressure bar;
5. The value in the diamond is the average particle size (µm) measured by the laser measurement method.

Scope of application:
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