Ultrasonic Atomizing Nozzle

The ultrasonic atomizing nozzle can be used for efficient moisturization, cool spraying, mould lubricating, spraying injection and air disinfection etc.
The ultrasonic atomizing nozzle can be used for efficient moisturization, cool spraying, mould lubricating, spraying injection and air disinfection etc.

Ultrasonic Atomizing Nozzle Character:
-The average droplets are small and uniform. It is very important for dust suppression.
-The vibration of the impinging head and high-speed air can avoid the dust adhere to the spray hole. It is reliable and less fixed.
-Very easy to install.

Ultrasonic Atomizing Nozzle

Technical Datas

The ultrasonic atomizing nozzle can connect by the two different adapters, common type, and thin-wall types.

Common types
Common types can be welded or other methods to fix at the working point water inlet thread is G1/8, Air inlet thread is G1/4.

The thin-wall types
The thin-wall types install on the thin wall, the bottom thread fit into the thin wall openings, and use the caps to fix it on the wall.

Working principle of ultrasonic ADG series air atomizing nozzle

Merida's spray system is highly stable and modular, and the core technology lies in our nozzles. It can continuously generate 1-10 micron thick fog to cover the dust source and maintain the mixing ratio with the dust particles. The Merida mechanical ultrasonic atomization nozzle, they pass high-frequency mechanical sound waves. Through a specially designed vibrating head that meets the compressed air and vibrates the part. The principle is to increase the speed of the impulsive air in the part where the air flow connects.

In order to further improve the atomization ability, the air flow path of the resonance cavity is reflected in the air flow amplification function of the nozzle itself, which has a strong impact force. Once this powerful shock wave is generated, the water is sheared into relatively small droplets. These small water droplets then undergo intense sound energy conversion to work to be carried away by high-speed air in the explosion of droplets of several thousand microns in size. The design of our sprinkler head has obvious benefits, and its inherent design specific points also make it very reliable from a maintenance point of view.

Ultrasonic atomization nozzle video appreciation

Since the Merida nozzle does not rely on high pressure to achieve the effect of atomizing water, the problem of high pressure water pump wear is almost completely eliminated. Clean the nozzle cavity while the nozzle vibrates. The nozzle has no moving parts and is constructed of 100% stainless steel. Compared with brass nozzles. This eliminates wear and corrosion and extends the service life. In the records of a high-speed camera, 2 micron water droplets directly span a distance of 2 meters. Any dust particles surrounded by dense fog droplets have no chance to escape.

Spray dust suppression uses very little water, no chemicals, and will not increase the overall water content of the transported materials by more than one ten thousandth. The principle is mainly based on the collision and agglomeration of water and dust particles of the same size, the size and quality of the particles continue to grow, and the agglomeration becomes a larger and heavier powder falling. There is no special treatment in the whole process.

The common base can be fixed where it needs to be used by welding or other means. The thread of water inlet interface of common base is G1/8, and the thread of air inlet interface is G1/4

Thin wall mounting base

The thin-wall mounting base is suitable for mounting on the thin-wall. The external thread end of the base is installed into the thin-wall opening and locked and fixed on the thin-wall through the locking cap.

316 Stainless steel

Extremely strong corrosion resistance,atmospheric corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance can reach 1200-1300 degrees, and can be used under harsh conditions. It is applicable to seawater equipment, chemical production equipment, food industry, etc。

303 stainless steel

Stainless wear-resistant acid steel is used for occasions with free cutting and high surface finish. It has good cutting performance, high temperature resistance and ablation resistance. It is suitable for automatic lathe, bolt, nut, aerospace and military industry, etc.


Strong wear resistance, excellent plasticity, high strength, good machinability, welding and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for heat exchanger, automatic lathe, CNC lathe, mechanical and electronic parts, etc.

Application scope of stainless steel nozzle
Chemical Cleaning
Cooling disinfection
Cooling quenching
Dust cleaning
Product washing
Fire fighting
Spray lubrication
High pressure cleaning
Appearance display of Merida
ultrasonic air atomizer

Steel wire type
*The appearance structure of each type of nozzle has two forms: integrated

type and steel wire type
*Integrated: the tripod supporting the vibrating head is connected with the

main body and cannot be disassembled.
Steel wire type: the tripod supporting the vibrating head is steel wire embe-dded in the main body and can be removed.

Installation mode
The company provides several mounting bases suitable for different occasions for ultrasonic atomizing nozzles to meet the needs of different users. It has a common base, a thin wall mounting base, a universal joint mounting base and a spray box.

Common base
Thin wall mounting base (with locking cap) Installation dimensions of ultrasonic air atomizer
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