What is the electrostatic sprayer?

Electrostatic Sprayer (also called as multifunctional positive ion sprayer) is mainly composed of a handheld ultra-low-volume sprayer and a high-voltage electrostatic generator. Its working principle is to apply high-voltage static electricity.

what is electrostatic sprayer

A high-voltage electrostatic field is formed between the nozzle and the crop (object), and high-voltage static electricity is generated when the chemical liquid passes through the nozzle. After being sprayed from the nozzle, it becomes mist droplets with static charge (positive ion). Under the action of the electrostatic field, the mist droplets move in a directional motion and spray evenly. The front and back sides of the leaves and the branches can evenly absorb the mist droplets.

This backpack electrostatic sprayer is widely used in fields such as epidemic prevention, disinfection, dust removal, and cooling. it has the characteristics of strong adsorption, accurate target and long range; through its electrostatic structure design, the spraying surface area of the object is about 30% higher than the traditional one.

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