Our Team & Culture

Merida’s philosophy is “Aspiring, Innovative, Professional, Persistent.”

The company has more than 200 employees, and the technical team is over 10% of our team. We attach importance to talents & technical innovation. We invest 30% of our turnover for R&D each year.


We actively explore the new rules of company culture construction nowadays to build a culture system that meets the needs of the modern enterprise system and the individual needs of employees. We constantly enhance the company’s core competitiveness, improve the company’s economic and social benefits, and create an excellent cultural atmosphere and a powerful source of strength.

The company always adheres to the rule of “people-oriented,” improving employees’ production skills and professional ability, establishing the corporate values of being proud of the innovation and winning, and has successfully realized corporate culture management.

Merida maintains a sincere feeling of yearning for beauty, respecting every employee, respecting every partner. In this way, we have created a sustainable development & win-win situation and share the fruits of development.


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