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Leading Disinfectant Sprayer Manufacturer

Merida is a trusted brand in the disinfectant spraying industry. Relying on the intelligent infrastructure and extensive supplier resource, we are able to supply you with high quality portable disinfectant sprayers at incredibly low factory prices. Our disinfectant sprayers have reached the requirement of international standards. We have applied for exclusive patents and have obtained the certificate of FCC, CE, UL, ROHS, NRCan, etc. Whether you are looking for cordless electrostatic sprayers or cordless nano sprayer guns, we believe we will be your best Choice

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Main Applications

Disinfectant sprayers are known to quickly and efficiently disinfect object surfaces. Our electrostatic sprayer provides a positive electrical charge on the chemical when it leaving the sprayer. The positively charged droplets are then attracted to all negative surfaces that are visible including the underside.You will not only save time &labor, but also use less chemical liquid to cover more surfaces. They are widely used in offices, schools, homes, hospitals, markets, gymnasium, vocal concert, cinema, etc. You can use them for multiple purposes: disinfection, sterilization,pest control, formaldehyde removal, gardening,dust reduction, humidification, etc.

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