6.5L Electrostatic Disinfectant Backpack Sprayer ML-X002

Discover the cutting edge electrostatic spraying technology by Merida, the leader in public spaces disinfectant solutions. This disinfectant backpack sprayer delivers trusted disinfectant solutions to the front, back and sides of surfaces.

Disinfectant Backpack Sprayer ML-X002 is perfect for disinfecting and sanitizing public spaces quickly and efficiently. Granted with numerous global certifications such as FCC, CE, UL, IC, PSE, RoHS, NRCan, etc., this electrostatic backpack sprayer is designed to allow the professional to cover up to 600m²on a single tank of fluid. Normally, it needs only an hour to disinfect a room up to 1200m²! Applying an electrostatic charge to disinfectants and other chemicals, our backpack sprayer provides you with more complete and consistent coverage than traditional sprayers. The backpack system comes with a charger and battery, allowing you to move from area to area conveniently. This backpack sprayer can be used to sanitize practically rooms, including schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, and so on.


Main Benefits:
Touch-free Solution: Electrostatic charge on chemicals providing a thin, even spray pattern on all surfaces. This provides a fast and effective application method while using fewer disinfectants and other chemicals. Through touch-free disinfection procedures, cross-contamination is reduced greatly.

Easy to Operate: Backpack electrostatic sprayer provides you with a great disinfectant tool to attack microbes and decontaminate facilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The compact body allows you to feel comfortable with the ergonomic design anywhere. It can be easily taken anywhere! With the use of simple switches and triggers, any adult can operate it.

Cost-Effective: Save money with our professional disinfectant backpack sprayer. It is cost-effective and easy to implement due to its versatility, portability, and efficacy. You can save labor, time, and even disinfectants!


Electrostatic spray technology is a new way to apply cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants to do surface disinfectiont treatment, often in less time, less chemical liquid and with better coverage than traditional cleaning methods. The technology is well-established, with a history of more than 60 years in other areas, including agriculture, automotive industries, but it has only recently been widely applied to surface disinfection,especially in 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus spreading.
Electrostatic sprayers work by charging chemical liquids (i.e., cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants) as they pass through a sprayer nozzle. This generates positive ion charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out environmental surfaces with negative ion, which they stick to and even wrap around to coat all sides. The result is a uniform coating of sanitizer or disinfectant on sprayed objects, including hard-to-reach areas that manual cleaning can miss. The technology also helps avoid liquid pooling often associated with trigger sprayers.



  • Model number: ML-X002
  • Spray tank capacity: 6.5L
  • Spray volume: 140-290ml/min
  • Spray particle diameter:  80 um
  • Static wind sprayer distance: 3-4m


  • Working voltage: DC 14.8V
  • Rated Power: 15W
  • Working pressure: 6-12Bar
  • Battery capacity : 2500MAH
  • Battery life: ≥150 min


  • The working area for once box capacity: 600m²
  • The working time for once box capacity : 30 min
  • The working area for once battery charging : ≥5000m²


Battery 2pcs (one operate; one backup)
3-in-1 nozzle 2pcs
Charger 1pc
Charge seat 1pc

Usage Method
01: After installing the water tank, check whether there is water leakage and whetheer the nozzle is tightened. If there is water leakage, please put the water tank vertically and tighten the nozzle; Check whether the battery is charged, press the button on the battery, the green light is consistent with the corresponding battery indicator, and the red light flashes, indicating that the battery is how and needs to be charged;


02: open the upper kettle cover, add an appropriate amount of liquid, then add clean water according to the proportion of liquid to mix, close the cover and seal it;


03: Install the battery, connect the power line and water pipe connector on the hand gun to the corresponding power socket and water pipe male connector on the box, and press the power switch on the hand gun for spraying. If the electrostatic adsorption function is required, press the button switch on the hand-held spray gun to turn on the electrostatic adsorption function;


04: There are three types of nozzles: small cylindrical nozzle, large cylindrical nozzle and fan nozzel. You can turn the nozzle holder clockwise as needed. When you hear the sound of “Ding”, you can change it to another type. Fan spray is the largest, followed by large cylinder, followed by small cylinder.



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