500ML Rechargeable Disinfectant Sprayer ML-X004

This portable electrostatic sprayer ML-X004 is typically applied in small-scale applications, including homes, small offices, classrooms, beauty salons, personnel care, washing rooms, etc.
Get your entire space to disinfect in minutes. Cordless electrostatic spraying technology brings you the easiest and the most efficient way for disinfection. Providing with a handheld option, our portable electrostatic sprayer is powered by a 7.4v lithium rechargeable battery—no need to buy extra batteries. The fine mist with an electrostatic charge applies an even coat of disinfectant on the surfaces. This portable electrostatic sprayer ML-X004 is ideal for disinfecting, sanitizing, odor removal, decontamination, moisturizing and more! You will be impressed at how easy it is to operate and how efficient it works!
Main Benefits:
Light-weight: With a simple design, this portable electrostatic sprayer ML-X004 only weighs 0.59kg when empty. You can use it with only 1-hand. Electrostatic sprayer ML-X004 can last more than 80 minutes on a single charge. Weight light to carry, simple to operate.
Flexibility: With a 3-in-1 adjustable nozzle, you can change the spray particle diameter according to your application, which is 35um, 60um, and 80um. You can apply disinfectants, Cleaners, and Deodorizers with the Power of Electrostatic Technology.
Wide Application: It is perfect in both commercial and residential environments. For commercial use, you can apply it to small offices, beauty salons, classrooms, barber-shop, small restaurants, etc. For residential use, you can apply it for home, personal care, car, garden, and so on.

  • Model number:ML-X004
    Spray tank capacity:500ML
    Spray volume:140-290ml/min
    Spray particle diameter:35 / 60 / 80 um
    Static wind sprayer distance:1-2m
  • Working voltage: DC 7.4V
    Rated Power: 15W
    Working pressure:6-12
    Bar Battery capacity :2000MAH
    Battery life each charge:≥80 min
  • The working area for once box capacity:100m²
  • The working time for once box capacity :5-6 min
    The working area for once battery charging :≥1500m²
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