How to disinfect public spaces effectively?

At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is still rampaging around the world. Disinfection measures are very important to reduce the possibility of contamination by the covid-19 virus in non-medical places such as homes, offices, schools, gyms, public buildings, religious community centers, markets, transportation and commercial places or restaurants. Priority should be given to disinfection of high contact surfaces in these non-healthcare settings, such as door and window handles, kitchen and food preparation areas, countertops, bathroom, toilets and faucets, touch screen personal devices, personal computer keyboards and work surfaces. The following information provides guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces and workplaces:

1. Wiping and sweeping with the disinfectant. This method is to wipe and sweep the disinfectant in public places through rags, mops, etc. This method is also the most common way used in public places at present, with the advantages of simple and convenient implementation and low equipment cost. Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious: it can only disinfect the objects and the ground surface, but not the air in the area; Direct contact with disinfectant will damage human skin; The consumption of human resources is large; The effective utilization rate of disinfectant is low.

2. UV Lamp disinfection. The advantages of this method are that it only needs to be set to turn on regularly without manual intervention and saves human resources. But the practicability is poor, and the organisms, minerals and suspended solids in the water will deposit on the surface of the UV lampshade, affecting the sterilization effect.

3. Portable electrostatic sprayer disinfection. Usually, the electrostatic sprayers are divided into handheld sprayers and backpack sprayers. Portable electrostatic sprayer is also the most effective disinfection method with the best disinfection effect. It has the advantages of saving manpower, covering all the surfaces, saving disinfectant resources, easy to carry and work.

But at present, there are a lot of these types of equipment in the market, and the level of equipment manufacturing is uneven. Either it is the more primitive pressing pressure operation mode, which is inconvenient to use; Or spray density is not up to standard, as a result, the disinfection effect is not good. If you decided to use portable electrostatic sprayers for disinfection, make sure you buy the device from a trusted brand.

Our portable electrostatic sprayer is not only of excellent quality but also has different types of products for different killing scenes. At present, there are two corresponding products for disinfection work in public places: handheld disinfectant electrostatic sprayer ML-X001 and backpack electrostatic sprayer ML-X002. The handheld electrostatic sprayer is more suitable for killing in small areas and small spaces, while the backpack electrostatic sprayer is more suitable for killing in large areas such as halls and roads; After the electrostatic spray function is applied, a better disinfection effect can be achieved by strong adsorption of positive ions. The droplets produced by the electrostatic sprayer can be evenly distributed in the air and float for a long time, to effectively disinfect the air and dust. Our product is powered by a high-performance lithium battery pack, which is safe and easy to carry. What’s more, it uses a high-quality high-pressure silent water pump for better use.

To sum up, Cleaning public spaces can be a challenge, especially if those spaces include various surfaces that are difficult to clean and disinfect. In that case, the most practical and effective disinfectant method in public places would be the portable electrostatic sprayer.

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