What sprayer system styles are available on the market?

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Update time : 2021-05-10 17:27:21
There are several electrostatic sprayer options currently on the market, so you can find one best suited product for individual needs. Be sure to evaluate them for reliability, safety and ease of use before purchasing.
Responsible manufacturers conduct testing of the entire system-the electrostatic sprayer paired with specific chemistries to determine the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the operator as well as safety considerations for bystanders. Be wary of companies that claim you can spray any product with their system; they likely have not done the proper testing required to ensure operator and bystander safety for the use of all chemicals. Ensure the sprayer itself is certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory to confirm product safety.
types of electrostatic sprayer  
Sprayer systems are available in several designs, such as rolling cart systems, handheld sprayers and backpack sprayers. Handheld and backpack models offer operators flexibility but can be heavy when filled with liquid. Some sprayers use battery power to charge, while others use a cord to draw power from a standard outlet plug. Although cords can pose an additional challenge, they provide consistent power and droplet charging, which results in better system performance. Batteries simply are powerful enough to generate a consistent, reliable charge to deliver the electrostatic performance needed to cover surfaces completely and evenly every time you spray.

Corded systems have other inherent benefits that provide superior performance. For example, electrostatic sprayers using outlet power include an air compressor, which reduces blowback by pushing sanitizer or disinfectant liquid toward environmental surfaces and away from the operator. Battery-powered sprayers can’t contain an air compressor and more closely trigger sprayers in terms of coverage and surface wrap.
Whichever sprayer you choose, electrostatic technology can help you cover more surfaces in less time, saving your facility money while providing the surface disinfection you need to prevent the spread of illness-causing pathogens.
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